BAM Woodworks

Handcrafted, locally made woodworking products, including candle holders and reclaimed wood wall art.

DBurgess Woodworking

Arbutus utensils, bowls, cutting boards, items out of wood.

Fairy Door Man

Fairy Doors and Books/Cards.

Jorge Izaza Wood Art & Lamps

Wooden sculptures with light and glass.

Kaizen Woodworks

One hitters, grinders, pipes, razors, shaving brushes, pens, cutting boards, chopsticks, boxes etc.

Lorne Tippett

Carved wood creations, stain Glass original designs, Felt Paintings, and other original painting.

Laughing Gods

Salves , massage oils , prayer jewelry and birdhouses.

Pacific Puzzle Co.

Handdrawn laser cut wooden puzzles.

Salt Spring Heartwood

Cutting boards and assorted crafts.

Wickland Instruments

Stringed musical instruments.