National award-winning Gardener's Dream Cream and Aroma Crystal Therapy.

Plant based soap with pure essential oils for scent and herbs, grains and flowers for color and texture.

Handcrafted beautiful, organic scented soaps that are pleasing to the eyes, smell, texture and lather so nicely!

Simple. Pure. Natural. Beautiful Body Products for Everyone.

Body Care

Island Soap Co.
Aroma Crystal Therapy
Kama Natural Soap
Mt. Maxwell Organic Soaps
Power Essentials TRUE Aromatherapy & Massage

Bliss Facial Serum - Extreme Moisturizer! Organic & Wild-crafted Essential Oils, Blends, Salves, Remedies!

Saltspring Soapworks is Saltspring Island's Original Soapmaker and one of the Saltspring Saturday Market founders. Taking care of your skin and Body, Naturally. Since 1979.

Saltspring Soapworks


Forest Heart Botanicals

Professional herbalist who makes locally-grown and crafted remedies for all different things.

Mehndi Nomadic

Henna (Ephemeral Body Adornment) & Paintings

Rising Moon Botanicals

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